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A look at a few dental issues we diagnosed with radiographs: 

Root resorption- Some of these roots were resorbed until almost all the roots were gone and others may have started as a fracture and then stated resorbing.

Fracture: We found many different types of fractures. When a fracture of a tooth is found we take an x-ray of that tooth to see if the root canal is larger than normal, a widened root canal proves that the tooth is now non-vital and needs extracted.

Bone loss: We saw cases ranging from slight bone loss horizontally along the mandible to severe bone loss with practically no bone left around the roots of the teeth.

Abscess: Lucency was seen at the root apex in both of these cases and indicates an abscess.

Non- vital teeth: When a large root canal is seen on x-ray it is now clear that the tooth is not vital. This tooth also had converging roots that are not normal and bone loss of the mandible.

Extra roots: this x-ray shows that this dog’s premolar had one extra root.

Symphysis: x-rays can tell us if the symphysis is intact or not.

Typical Radiographs: